Simplify the life of the entrepreneur and boost entrepreneurship in Brazil..The website is a space where it is possible to formalize as an Individual, answer questions, comply with tax obligations and look for training to increase your business. The new page has a friendlier interface and new features to meet the needs of millions of Brazilians who have already formalized and those who still want to formalize.

Next has always invested in expanding knowledge through quality sources. Current issues, modern careers and the relationship between personal and professional skills (with a view of specialists, USP professors and representatives of the subject in the market) are some topics available for those who like to be updated. Thought trend?.
We believe that high impact entrepreneurs can change the world, that’s why we work so that they are able to exercise their full potential.

How we do it
We support high-impact entrepreneurs in their challenges and mobilize government to pave the way for a more favorable business environment for scale-ups.
Our challenge is to make and recognized not only for the number of entrepreneurs, but for its quality and impact.
If we are a high impact network, culture is what unites us around something common: the belief that it is high impact entrepreneurs who change the world.